We have been conducting programs for children and youth (‘Natural Health of Our Children’, ‘Healthy Child – Happy Child’, ‘Our Children – Naturally Healthy’, and ‘Healthy – Happy’) from 2008. Programs helped and solved many psychophysical difficulties naturally and safely. Physicians approve and support the implementation of the program based on medical tests and findings confirm the improvement and progress of the health status of program beneficiaries. Year after year, our programs reach an increasing number of users, most of whom come through referrals. It is the best indicator of our quality and efficiency.

This year’s work focuses on the Healthy Children program for children with psychophysical difficulties such as hyperactivity, aggression, poor concentration and communication, withdrawal, fears, insecurity, depression, nocturnal urination, allergies, weakened immunity, bronchitis, asthma, speech problems, vision, motor movement problems, etc. The program is a continuation of the successfully implemented ‘Healthy – Happy’ program since 2014.

The program consists of natural methods: acupressure, reflexology massage, relaxation, education, specific exercises and playrooms, and workshops that include didactic, social, and symbolic games and graphomotor exercises. By treating certain meridians on the body, the work within the 5 main organs (heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys) is stimulated and the blockages that caused the problem are released.

This way, we achieve lasting results: reduced hyperactivity and aggression, improved concentration and communication, better understanding, greater willingness to learn, to have better results in school, greater interest in activities, and greater creativity. Cessation of nocturnal urination, the disappearance of allergies, bronchitis, and asthma, stronger immunity, improvement of vision, speech, and motor movements.

Children become calmer, more relaxed, more stable, more open, happier, willing to help others, have better relationships with peers and with family. Improving a child’s health greatly affects the overall development of the family. The family becomes a more harmonious, peaceful, relaxed, and satisfied community.