The International Institute for Natural Health is a non-profit, non-governmental organization aimed at improving and enhancing the quality of life and health of citizens, children, and youth with psychophysical disabilities. The main activity of the Association is to provide adequate educational, relaxation, and rehabilitation programs intended to improve health. Through regularly implemented programs and projects: ‘First of all Health’, ‘I have health – I have life’, ‘Natural health of our children’, ‘Healthy child – happy child’, ‘Our children – naturally healthy’ and ‘Healthy – Happy’ we have achieved numerous and lasting results: reduction of hyperactivity and aggression, better concentration, better communication at school and in the family, greater creativity, interest, and willingness to learn, and better results in school, greater self-confidence and security; the disappearance of allergies, cessation of night urination, improvement of vision, the disappearance of claustrophobia, chronic bronchitis, strengthening of immunity, better circulation, and many others. The programs use natural methods: education, relaxation, specific exercises, acupressure, and reflexology massages led by educators professional physicians of Traditional Chinese Medicine.